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CNC plasma cutting is used to process plates, unlike other profile cutting process's the plasma process does not rely on oxidation therefore it can cut aluminium, stainless steel and any other conductive material with an extremely clean finish. Shapes are either cut from designer produced DXF files or from standard shapes within the machine. With the acquisition of a Kinetic K4000 plasma cutting and machining centre we are now able to plasma cut, drill and tap components on the plasma bed in one efficient process.

With a 13.5 metre x 3.5 metre bed and capabilities of plasma cutting up to 80 mm thick materials enhanced by on bed machining capabilities including drilling holes up to 50 mm and tapping holes up to 25.4 mm, there is no reason why we can't process your job effectively and efficiently to the highest standards. Keoghs can cut shapes directly from your DXF files, copy your sample or even create a shape from your sketch. With the latest Kinetic quoting software, you can expect an accurate quotation within 1 working day of supplying your DXF files or slightly longer if we are required to create the DXF files.
Kinetic K4000 Plasma Cutting & Machining Centre Key Features:
  • Plasma Cutting Up To 80 mm In Mild Steel
  • Plasma Cutting Up To 60 mm in Stainless Steel
  • Plasma Cutting Up To 80 mm in Aluminium
  • Drilling sizes Up To 50 mm
  • Boring Up To 125 mm
  • Plasma Bevel Cutting For Welding Preparation
  • Tapping sizes Up To 25.4 mm
  • Machine Accuracy +/- 0.15 mm/m
  • Bed Size: 13.5 Metres x 3.5 Metres
  • Automated Tool Changer With 24 Tool Holders Mounted On The Main Carriage
  • 19" LCD Glass Faced Touch Screen
  • Traverse Speed 25 m/min
Plasma Cutter: HPR260 Hypertherm HyDefinition Power Source on a 6 Metre by 2.4 Metre CR Electric Bed Key Features:
  • Plasma Cutting Up To 60 mm in Mild Steel
  • Plasma Cutting Up To 50 mm in Stainless Steel
  • Plasma Cutting Up To 50 mm in Aluminium
  • Bed Size: 6000 mm x 2400 mm
  • Pierce capacity: 32 mm

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